Meeting demands for less meat

While a day doesn't seem to go by without someone mentioning the continuing increase in meat consumption, it's not that simple. In fact, while food consumption growth is, indeed, outpacing overall population growth, meat consumption is actually decreasing. Yes, certain types of meat (mainly poultry) continue to be eaten at rates higher than population growth in 'developing' countries, … Continue reading Meeting demands for less meat

On embracing intersectionality

Advocating for sustainability and non-human animals can be a massive endeavour. It can feel overwhelming and as though there is no time or energy left to care about anything else. However, we can all be a part of the problem, even when we are trying to be a part of the solution. Building a sustainable future … Continue reading On embracing intersectionality

At What Distance Do You Stop Caring?

One of my favorite comics by vegan sidekick is a simple one. There are four frames. The first shows a person sitting on a couch while another person cuts a pig’s throat in front of him. “Stop it,” the person on the couch says, “that’s horrible.” In the second frame, the butcher is in the man’s backyard … Continue reading At What Distance Do You Stop Caring?

Going cold turkey: breaking the habit

I've decided I need to stop snacking so much. There are times when I surprise myself with my seeming lack of willpower. I'm feeling bored at work and suddenly I find myself opening the cupboards to find a cheeky snack. No matter how much I intellectualize my snacking struggle, the fact remains: it's a bad habit. And breaking … Continue reading Going cold turkey: breaking the habit