Advocating for sustainability and non-human animals can be a massive endeavour. It can feel overwhelming and as though there is no time or energy left to care about anything else.

However, we can all be a part of the problem, even when we are trying to be a part of the solution.

A. Breeze Harper, PhD of the Sistah Vegan Project (see link below for original post)

Building a sustainable future needs to include breaking down the barriers and systems of oppression that still exist within humans. As a white person, it is far too easy for me not to think about the multiple ways my own privileges have allowed me to gain the knowledge I have and, most importantly, allow me to navigate the world without so much of the violence, judgement and hate that other people receive on a daily basis.

A sustainable, compassionate future begins with ourselves and considering how our actions and our lives remain rooted in systems of oppression.

Thank you, Sistah Vegan, for this beautiful post: A progressive investment in whiteness.


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