Dr Trent Grassian is based in London, where he works for a local non-profit assessing impact and overseeing effective communications strategies, in addition to providing talks, workshops, and consultancy for a variety of organizations on campaign strategy, research, and policy. After years in the education sector, Trent earned a Master’s in Public Administration and a PhD in Social Policy, where he conducted the most comprehensive study into meat reduction and vegan promotion. His research focuses on linking individual behavior to public policy and changes to the food system.

Trent is the author of ‘Food Policy: Where does environmental nutrition fit in?’ in Environmental Nutrition (ed. J. Sabatier), the forthcoming article ‘The Dietary Behaviors of Participants in UK-Based Meat Reduction and Vegan Campaigns – A longitudinal, mixed-methods study’ in the peer-reviewed journal Appetite, Promoting Meat Reduction and Veganism and more.

He can be reached at dtgrassian@gmail.com.


Previous Presentations include:
Meat Reduction & Vegan Promotion.
Power, Privilege & Veganism: Building an Inclusive Vegan Community.
Promoting Meat Reduction: Struggles & Successes.
The Vegan Journey: How to Help Yourself and Others Go (and Stay) Vegan

Previous Workshops include:
  Challenges and approaches to achieving appropriate behavior change around sentience.
  Meat: Encouraging personal action. Understanding and changing behavior.
  Using the Behaviour Change Wheel to Promote Dietary Change.

This is Rigby. Rigby doesn’t write for this blog.

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