Annoying vegan questions

One of the key findings in my research into campaigns promoting meat reduction & veganism is the enormous difficulty social barriers can present, especially to new vegans. One way this manifests is annoying vegan questions. Any vegan out there probably knows what I'm talking about. You're at work, sitting down to lunch, and suddenly someone's … Continue reading Annoying vegan questions

Is criticism helping the animal movement?

At its core, animal advocacy is based on the recognition that billions of land animals and trillions of sea animals are killed each year for human consumption, while countless more are tortured for medical "research," and more are used and abused as commodities. This is the common purpose that unites us. But, animal advocates are … Continue reading Is criticism helping the animal movement?

No campaign can reach everyone

This blog post includes data from research into seven UK-based reduction and vegan campaigns, drawing on the largest sample of meat reducers, pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans in any research project to date (n=1,587). Research was conducted for my PhD in Social Policy at the University of Kent, using a mixed-methods, longitudinal approach. The decision to … Continue reading No campaign can reach everyone

Why do people go vegan?: What research says

Before conducting my own study into the motivates and barriers for those trying to reduce or stop eating animal-based foods, I searched through existing research to see what others before me had found. What did I find? Going back to some of the earliest studies into the subject, researchers and non-profits have almost always focused … Continue reading Why do people go vegan?: What research says

On embracing intersectionality

Advocating for sustainability and non-human animals can be a massive endeavour. It can feel overwhelming and as though there is no time or energy left to care about anything else. However, we can all be a part of the problem, even when we are trying to be a part of the solution. Building a sustainable future … Continue reading On embracing intersectionality

At What Distance Do You Stop Caring?

One of my favorite comics by vegan sidekick is a simple one. There are four frames. The first shows a person sitting on a couch while another person cuts a pig’s throat in front of him. “Stop it,” the person on the couch says, “that’s horrible.” In the second frame, the butcher is in the man’s backyard … Continue reading At What Distance Do You Stop Caring?