The Behaviour Change Wheel

In the past, behavior change research tended to act as though humans were sponges, such that by simply learning something we would then immediately and forever more act based on that knowledge. If only that were true... but, unfortunately, in the modern world it is increasingly apparent that that is not how people work. We … Continue reading The Behaviour Change Wheel

The Sustainability Triad

Three of the primary factors hindering our ability to be as sustainable as we might like to be are money, time and knowledge. I have dubbed this potent combination the Sustainability Triad. While there are certainly a variety of other factors that contribute to unsustainable lifestyles, these areas create the structure upon which our determination to be more sustainable teeters.

What’s your price tag on… sustainability? An animal’s life? Your health?

How do you quantify, monetise or in any way try to value something as intangible as, say, preventing climate change? This question may seem a bit ridiculous: Who cares? Climate change is a serious problem and we need to do something about it NOW! Yes, and no. The problem is: we live in a world where money … Continue reading What’s your price tag on… sustainability? An animal’s life? Your health?

Something Needs to Change

It may come as a surprise to most people that the European Union (EU) has been openly discussing the potential benefits of reducing animal food consumption for nearly two decades. In fact, in 1998 they described reducing consumption as ‘arguably‘ the best way to address the environmental problems caused by animal food production [1]. As they … Continue reading Something Needs to Change